Affiliated to National Board of Vocational Training Education, Government of India.
Affiliated to National Board of Vocational Training Education, Government of India.

Online IOT Certification


  • In Collaboration with IBM
  • IBM® & IABAC® Certification
  • 3-Month Course
  • 5 Capstone & 1 Client Project
  • 365 Days Flexi Pass + Cloud Lab
  • Internship + Job Assistance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the beginning of a new era in technology, where things communicate among themselves to make decisions, providing solutions that could simply NOT possible otherwise. The IoT is the network of devices, buildings, utilities, vehicles, and other items, embedded with smart electronics, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect data, process, take decisions with coded logic, and exchange data.

The IoT has the potential to transform human lives in terms of consumer habits, personalization, and the way we do business. With the pace of the latest innovations in the field of IoT, it is estimated that more than 50 billion devices will be connected via the Internet, with business potential of over USD 3 trillion by 2020.

This course is designed to enable the candidates to gain core knowledge of IoT and apply IoT concepts, hands-on, to the industry-relevant use cases. Candidates participating in this course shall be using Raspberry pi kit with sensors to practice IoT, with at 5 use cases to gain hands-on practical experience. The course also covers the various roles and responsibilities of an IoT Developer and how to switch careers in IoT.

Course Modules

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

  • What is IoT, how does it work
  • Difference between Embedded device and IoT device
  • Properties of IoT device
  • IoT Ecosystem
  • IoT Decision Framework
  • IoT Solution Architecture Models
  • How IoT is Transforming Businesses
  • Major IoT Boards in Market
  • Explore Raspberry Pi

Setting up Raspberry Pi and Sensors (HAT Board)

  • Setting up Raspberry Pi
  • Showing working of Raspberry Pi using SSH Client and Team Viewer
  • Understand Sensing actions
  • Understand Actuators and MEMS
  • Hands-On/Demo:
  • Programming Sense HAT Board

Creating Solutions with Raspberry Pi

  • Build weather station using Sense HAT and Python
  • Prepare google spreadsheet for weather data collection
  • Understand OpenCV
  • Hands-On/Demo:
  • Build a weather station using Sense HAT and store data in google sheets
  • Use OpenCV for face detection, face recognition with webcam

IoT Communication Protocol Types

  • Types of wireless communication
  • Major wireless Short-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN)
  • Major wireless Long-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Cellular IoT, LPWAN)
  • Hands-On/Demo:
  • Using RFID networking
  • Using other networks such as WiFi and Bluetooth

Implementing IoT Solution with Azure

  • What is Cloud and its Infrastructure
  • How IoT and Cloud deployment can create an effective IoT Solution
  • Azure IoT Hub components
  • Hands-On/Demo:
  • Create a Free Tier Azure Account. Explore Azure IoT hub services and other useful features
  • Azure IoT Hub Service API Demo
  • Register your Raspberry Pi on Azure IoT Hub
  • Send and Receive messages from Raspberry Pi over Azure IoT Hub
  • Create a Storage account and dock a container
  • View Data On-premise with Azure Storage Explorer
  • Configure Web App settings for Data Visualization
  • Hands-On/Demo:
  • Create an End-to-End IoT solution using Python Device APIs

Remote Monitoring

  • Plan how to customize a solution to meet specific requirements
  • Create a service bus namespace and add a queue to it
  • Add an endpoint and a routing rule to your IoT hub
  • Create, configure, and test a logic app

Edge Computing and Analytics

  • Data Analytics
  • Edge Computing
  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Azure IoT Edge Components
  • Azure IoT Edge Architecture
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Hands-On/Demo:
  • Deployment of Raspberry Pi as an Edge Device on Azure IoT Edge

IoT Project

  • Business challenge/requirement: As a technology enthusiast, you wish to automate the controlling of multiple home appliances using human voice commands. The challenge is that you do not wish to procure a new device to do this. We can overcome this if we use AVS (Amazon Voice Service) from the AWS cloud for speech analysis. We will use Raspberry Pi along with a few additional hardware accessories as an Amazon Echo device.
  • Control GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi
  • Amazon Alexa Skill development
  • RESTful web services using Python Flask module

IoT Practitioner Course Objectives

  • Understanding IoT concepts and application
  • IoT architecture at the application level
  • Configure Raspberry Pi, Sensors, and Actuators
  • programing with Python on Raspberry Pi
  • Program Sensors (Sense-HAT board), Face Detection and reorganization using OpenCV-Python
  • Understand various IoT Networking Protocols used to develop communication solutions
  • End-to-End Solution architecture using Raspberry Pi, Sense HAT, and Azure
  • IoT challenges and business solutions
  • Research scope, Alexa Voice Bot on Raspberry Pi

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic programming skills is recommended but not mandatory
  • Electronics awareness is recommended but not mandatory

Why IoT Practitioner?

The Internet of Things is the next big thing in technology space after the invention of the Internet as most experts say. IoT has the potential to impact millions of lives throughout the world with the betterment of health care, logistics and very way of living. As per Cisco, over 50 billion devices will be connected through the internet by 2020.

IoT will be an integral part of domains such as Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Information Technology and many other verticals. There will be a huge demand for IoT certified professionals in all areas of business to cater to this huge revolution in technology. Learning IoT will position you to take perfect advantage of being a part of early IoT developers, thereby putting your career in the elite fast track. For the coming few decades, IoT shall remain the most coveted skill in the market.

Who should choose IoT Practitioner Course?

This course is an intermediate course, professionals with minimum background in programming and a basic understanding of electronics will be ideal. Candidates without knowledge can also opt for this course as the syllabus doesn’t assume any prior knowledge

  • Professionals aspiring to become IoT practitioners
  • Professionals involved in connected devices job and wanted to catch up with next evolution
  • Beginners wanted to start their career with IoT

Advantages of IoT Practitioner

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in technology. There are millions of opportunities estimated across the globe in the next few years. Being a certified IoT practitioner, you will be able to distinguish from the competition in pursuing the right career in IoT.


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