Affiliated to National Board of Vocational Training Education, Government of India.
Affiliated to National Board of Vocational Training Education, Government of India.

HVAC Designing & Drafting Course

  • According to a study in 2014, India’s HVAC industry is worth INR. 25000 crores.
  • According to Technavio, a market research expert, the HVAC market in India is all set to grow at a CAGR of about 11% during the period of 2015 to 2019.
  • The HVAC market in Saudi Arabia is forecasted to grow up to 14% by the year 2020.
  • The Middle East region with its growth rate offers an array of opportunities to aspirants. Dubai and Oman are leading in creating better paying job opportunities.
  • Government Recognized
  • Indian Technical Education Board, Mumbai (ITES)
  • NCVT Govt. of India.
  • National Institute for Technology And Professional Studies(NITAPS)
  • Advance Course Material
  • PD Soft Skills Training Programs
  • Case Studies
  • Audio & Video tutorials.
  • Based on real projects.
  • In-Plant visit for candidates..
  • Hands-on training on leading software.
  • 100 % job oriented training program


Heating Ventilation Air Condition (HVAC)


  • Introduction and Fundamentals of HVAC
  • Definitions as per ASHRAE / ISHRAE
  • The terminology used in HVAC
  • Modes of  Heat Transfer
  • Refrigeration Cycle & Vapour Compration Cycle Components
  • Line diagrams and the cycle of
    • window AC
    • Split AC
    • Packaged AC
    • Central AC


  • Properties of Air
  • Psychrometric Terms
  • Psychrometric Processes
  • Use of Psychrometric for system analysis


  • Orientation of Building
  • To Read Latitude of Location of building
  • Calculation of U factor for wall, glass,
  • Roof and Partition
  • Calculation of Equivalent Temp.
  • Difference for wall, glass, Roof and Partition
  • Cooling and Heat Load Calculation using
  • ASHRAE Standards
  • Calculation Of sensible Heat Factor, ADP and Dehumidified CFM
  • Duties of HVAC Engineers

Psychrometric chart

Refrigeration Cycle

Vapor Compression cycle

Types of Heat

Heating Process

Solar Heat Gain through Glass & Wall

Ventilation system

Ventilation Fans


  • Duct Sizing Methods
    • Velocity Reduction method
    • Equal Friction Method
    • Static Regain method
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Duct Sizing by use of Ductulator
  • Types of Duct and Duct Material
  • Calculation of No. of Sheets
  • Duct Measurement
  • The layout of the single line diagram
  • Conversion of Single line to Double line
  • Air Distribution System

Duct Design and Calculation

Air Distribution Products

Cold storage Design & Calculation

Direct Expansion System

VRV / VRV system

VRV Schematic

Chilled Water System

Chilled Pumps selection on Head loss

Heat exchanger working principles

Comfort applications

HVAC in the Pharma industry

Types of Chillers

Types of AHU

Valves assembly for Chiller and AHU

Chilles Selection on Delta T and gpm

Types of Compressors

Heat Load calculation on E20, Excel sheet

HVAC Layout


  • Selection Of Pipe Dia. for DX system
  • Selection of Pipe Dia. For Chilled Water
  • Material Selection

Chilled water plant room design

Chilled water schematic

Smoke Evacuation system

Staircase pressurization

District Cooling



Software Include

HAP, Duct Sizer, Excel & AutoCAD (must Learn ACAD/Known Or Extra charge ACAD)


Cooling Load Calculation

Fresh Air Calculation

Design Of AHU / Selection of AHU

Design Of FCU / Selection of FCU

Design Of FAHU / Selection of FAHU

Design of Toilet Exhaust System

Design of CAR Parking Ventilation

Design of Kitchen Exhaust

Stairwell Pressurization Design

ESP Calculation

Design of Chiller / Selection of Chiller or Delta T

Chilled water Pipe Sizing / Schematic

Primary Pump Head Calculation/ Pump Selection GPM / Head loss

Secondary Pump Head Calculation/ Pump Selection GPM / Head loss

Expansion  Tank Sizing

Quantity Take of Ducting

Quantity Take of Piping

Bill Of Quantity BOQ

Estimation & Costing

Technical Specification

Data Sheet of Equipment

Final drawing / HVAC Layout

Make list of Project

Tender Documentation

Audience & Eligibility

Audience of Drafting

  • Mechanical Draftsman
  • Cad engineers
  • fresher’s

Eligibility of Piping Design & Drafting

  • Diploma in Mechanical/ Chemical/ Production Engineering
  • 10th pass / 12th pass
  • Mechanical draftsman

Interview Skills

We train our junior engineers to present themselves well and pass their interviews. They are well prepared through continuous mock interviews that provide confidence to our engineers, students find themselves equipped with that extra edge for favorable opportunities in steam intensive industries. Industries on their part find trained manpower available for immediate productive openings

  • Industry Expectations
  • Thank You Letters
  • Interviews
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Technical Interviews
  • Site Visits
  • Dress for Success
  • No Show Interview Policy
  • Industry Research Guide
  • Interview tips
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Email Correspondence

Skill Development

Personality Development

  • Time Management at work
  • Motivation
  • Communication in organizations
  • Stress Management at work
  • Group Dynamics and Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Leadership in Projects
  • Interpersonal Relations with colleagues

Career & Sectors

“For Career guidance we will provide right direction as per your goals & dreams. We do counseling student as per his / her Need & Wants.

We have tie up with Micro, SME Organization to provide related Job in required filed.”


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